Sea Trial: Why you should charter a yacht as a test drive before purchase

Sea trial
Purchasing a new sailing yacht is a huge decision. When doing so, you are investing your assets in spending your days on the sea with your family and friends. A boat has many features and those features can differ from model to model. To truly get a feel for the vessel you are considering, a sea trial to test the boat is the best way to actually get a feel for it before buying.
When testing a yacht before you buy, you are able to see many different features, functions, and uses of the particular model you are looking at.
While sailing the model, you’ll be able to get a feel for the size of the vessel and how much work will need to go into taking it to sea.

The number of passengers or sailing crew

You’ll get a great feel for how many people you’ll want to have aboard when out and the maximum number of sailors you’ll be able to carry aboard with you. While test-sailing, you’ll get a feel for how the keel works on the vessel and the work required to get it sailing. Finally, you’ll get a feel for the inboard/outboard motor on the sailing machine and how to put it to use as well.
When testing a yacht with Tabor & Mentone, you’ll be able to bring along passengers to get a feel for how the craft rides and looks from the point of view of the crew. You’ll be able to get a feel for how easy it is to move around the deck while on the water, see how the boat behaves in wavy water and if certain options should be added or taken off your final purchase.
One of the advantages of chartering a yacht for a test drive over a sea trial with the manufacturer or seller is the ability to spend many days AND nights aboard. Only this way you get a true feel for the boat and can test it’s practibility. Another advantage is that you truly get to experience all the ins and outs of the boat by yourself without the seller trying to literraly steer you in a certain direction.

The handling of the vessel

An important piece of your sea trial is to take the vessel out of the harbor and get it into the open water. Here, you’ll be able to set it to cruising speed to see how it handles the waves and how your view from the cockpit looks and feels as you are cruising. You can get a feel for the gauges on the craft, see how the electronics on it react to cruising speed and see if any items on the deck or cockpit are shaking or rattling at cruising speed

The stability of the vessel

The final item you’ll be able to inspect in a potential new boat during a test cruise is the stability of the vessel. Models are made differently and come in different shapes and sizes. To begin, you can attempt to place most of the weight on the craft to one side to see how it handles or leans to that one side. At a standstill, you’ll also be able to test the roll period of the vessel where you see how long it takes it to roll over from one side to the other and then back again. This will give an indication of whether the craft is stiff or tender and how it will handle on rough water.

Before you buy your dream boat, contact Tabor & Mentone to check on availability of chartering your potential model. We provide charters anywhere in the world, where you’ll be able to put your pending purchase to the ultimate test before you break out your pocketbook.

At Tabor & Mentone we offer sea trial yacht charter services for all the larger sailing boat manufacturers. Contact us to learn more about planning your trip.

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