What are all the hidden extras – what will I REALLY end up paying?

We attempt to list the costs as completely as possible on the site. However, some costs may change depending on your itinerary and desires. Here is a general guideline for estimating costs of a charter.


Sailing Boats: The charter fee generally covers the boat, a full tank of petrol and water, maps, and a dingy/tender. There is generally a charge for linens (if you want them), and almost always a mandatory final cleaning fee, ranging from €50 to €150 depending on the size of the boat. In some cases you may also be charged a small amount if you want a motor for the dinghy. Beyond this, the major costs are provisioning.


Motor Boats: For small motor boats, the major additional cost beyond the base charter fee will be fuel. We try to list on the site the fuel consumption per hour for each boat – and a typical charter will burn about 3 hours of fuel per day. Petrol prices are rising, but the rule of thumb is that it will cost about €1.20 per liter (or about $3.00 per gallon) of fuel. So a boat that burns 40 liters per hour will generally cost €48 per hour to run, or approximately €150 per day. Other charges will be mooring fees if you’ll be spending the night in a port and any provisioning you request. These charges are paid either in cash to the skipper (along with his Gratuity) or via the APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) system – see below. When you’re booking through us we’ll do our best to stipulate any costs, and if you have any questions we’re happy to provide estimates.