What is a motor boat and why should I charter one?

Motor boats are, the name says it all, powered by a motor.
There are several types of motor boats, with several types of motors such as sport boats, cruisers, half-cabin or cabin boat and the motor yacht.
A motor yacht is a motor boat where you can sleep and spend a holiday on. Motorboats can cover great distances in a much shorter time than sail boats. They are perfect for any weather and for all kinds of travelers.

Larger motor yachts need to be operated by an experienced crew who know exactly how the yacht works. This enhances the safety of the passengers and giving them the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy their luxurious holiday.

Why should I charter a motor boat?

  • Fast, beautiful and very comfortable
  • Not being dependent on wind
  • Travel larger distances quickly and easily
  • Motorboating is suitable for all kinds of travelers
  • Perfect for island hopping in Greece, Croatia or Balearics

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