What is a sailing boat and why should I charter one?

A sailing boat or sailboat is a vessel with one hull (monohull) that are primarily powered by the wind in the sails.
Larger sailing boats, over ten meters (33 feet) are called a sailing yachts, are also often equipped with an engine.
Having an engine makes moving the boat within a port easier.
It also allows you go to a new destination even if there is no wind blowing.

Sailing a large boat can be quite a challenge. We always recommend beginners to always book a skipper to sail the boat and to learn sailing from a professional on the go.

Why should I charter a sailing boat?

  • Great for an adventurous action packed vacation
  • Feel the power of the wind and waves
  • Most popular choice for all types of sailors
  • Great for sailors on a budget, our sailing yachts come in many different price classes.

Discover the Tabor & Mentone sailing boat selection for charter.

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