Greece, the perfect sailing destination

Experienced travelers and earnest wanderers of the world recently voted for their favorite countries to visit.¬† Bringing Greece to 1st place of the Best Countries in the World in Conde Nast Readers’ Travel Awards 2016 .

The Greek islands also rank second in Conde Nast Best Islands in the world 2016. Standing out for their laid back lifestyle, unique culture, stunning scenery, and quintessential charm and hospitality.

For a family yachting destination, Greece is also a wonderful choice. The Telegraph, included Greece and its islands as being one of the seven best family holiday destinations for 2018. Highlighting its beaches, villages, cuisine and culture as ideal for those seeking a vacation with great value in a prime location.

The time is right to book a Greece Yacht Charter for the summer of 2018.

The best way to explore Greece is via the sea, on an amazing journey while island hopping along the country’s immeasurable scenic islands in the Aegean or the Ionian Sea.

What makes the Aegean the ideal setting for sailing in Greece? Gradual and mild changes in temperature, the absence of tides and strong currents, steady, predictable winds, crystal-clear waters and countless bays.

Together with a myriad of stunning islands and the short distances between them, these are just a few reasons. Yacht charter guests will also enjoy picturesque harbors, wonderful cuisine and the possibility of fishing, diving and water skiing.

Greece has some of the most diverse beauty and landscapes anywhere on Earth.

Besides its ancient ruins and mountains, it has over 200 islands, each with its own unique atmosphere and vibe.  With Tabor & Mentone, you will be given a taste of every side of Greece.

Perhaps sailing from fun and exciting Mykonos, to the stunning beaches of Paros, and on to the amazing  sunsets of Santorini.

The Cyclades Islands offer a mixture of amazing sailing conditions. Great wind and exciting nightlife on the famous islands of Mykonos , Santorini, Syros, Mylos, Naxos, and Ios. You can expect to see natural coves, beautiful bays and picturesque harbors with white washed houses. Lively nights in many of the islands’ main towns. The best part of a yacht charter in the Greek Islands is having access to a boat with which you can enjoy a leisurely sail with a cocktail on deck. Ready to discover remote islands with beaches that you have all to yourself. You can decide your activities and your schedule!

The islands of Corfu, Lefkada and Zakynthos are the most famous sailing destinations of the Ionian Sea. Fabulous beaches, gorgeous sunsets and turquoise to emerald waters welcome those who are prepared to sail the Ionian waters. Enjoy a visit to the island of Ithaca, the home of Odysseus. Definitely try the delicious local cuisine and drinks in the island of Corfu. You will see coastlines dotted with Riviera-like chalets combined with fascinating historical sites.

A yacht charter to Greece wouldn’t be complete without a sailing to Crete and the Southern Aegean. There is a great variety of architecture, history, beautiful bays and beaches to discover on this famous island. Mythology lovers know that it was in a cave of Crete where the goddess Rhea hid the newborn Zeus.

While in Crete, enjoy quaint Venetian ports to legendary caves, historic monasteries, national parks and isolated beaches. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the many wineries in the area as well. Visit the Heraklion region which boasts amazing archaeological treasures. This island is one of the biggest in the Mediterranean, so planning your yachting itinerary is crucial to getting the most out of your trip!Whether you are completely new to sailing or whether you are an experienced sailor looking to introduce family or friends to yachting. There will always be a destination in Greece to truly fascinate you. Find the right boat or yacht for your sailing holidays in Greece and get on board!

Greece has always had a deeply rooted affiliation to sailing as in ancient times Greek people were bold and courageous mariners. This is evident in Homer’s Illiad and the Odyssey which both heavily allude to Greece’s dynamic oceans and sea life. The steady and gentle winds around the idyllic islands will allow you to peacefully cruise through the crystal clear waters towards a fascinating culture and history during your luxury Greek yacht charter. Having sailed the Greek waters for years, our experienced team of brokers are experts on what makes an ideal charter in Greece. We are here to help you plan your yachting vacation in the sun.

Getting to Greece

The very best yachts for charter in Greece are permanently based in Athens, which has world-class marinas with all the amenities you could need. The best way to get to Athens to start your charter is to fly in to Athens International Airport. There are direct flights from a range of European cities throughout the year, making it extremely accessible to all. Flying from America, there are direct flights from New York JFK and Philadelphia in the summer season.

From other American cities you will either change at one of these airports, or take a connecting flight from a European city, which will depend on your airline of choice. If you are travelling from Canada, there are a number of direct flights from the likes of Toronto and Montreal. Similar to flights from the USA, you will have to change at a European airport. From Athens International, you can then easily take a taxi to the port to start your yacht charter experience!